Journalist by day and gamer by night, Susie has a passion for all things pixelated and first fell in love with video games while watching her older brother play classics such as Tomb Raider and Grim Fandango on the PC. Now a fully-fledged member of the gaming world, she enjoys playing MMOs, MOBAs and JRPGs, using PS4, 3DS and tablet as her main platforms of choice. She believes there ís nothing better than escaping into the grasp of a new game and getting lost in a tangle of faraway worlds, enchanting stories and demon weaponry. With an unhealthy obsession for moogles, some of her favourite games include Final Fantasy XIV, Smite, Ni No Kuni, Mario Kart, Tales of Xillia, Splatoon and Machinarium. She can't aim to save her life and therefore avoids FPSs like adverts with voice-over poetry. Out in the real world, Susie is also a musician and regularly uses her instruments to make her whereabouts known to her downstairs neighbours and their dog, Wendy.

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