Author: Simon

  • Listing Life Dangerously – The Four Most Irritating Enemies In Gaming

    Simon calls out the most irritating enemies in gaming, and fails to make himself seem less irritating in the process.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Reviewing a Call of Duty game is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman. Barely anyone believes or cares what you tell them about it, and you end up with sore thumbs regardless. Nevertheless, here we go. The six or so hours of campaign are disappointing, even with low expectations. It suffers from…

  • Listing Life Dangerously – Five Tips For GTA Online

    Simon’s taken a break from baseball bats and prostitutes to bring you some handy advice.

  • XCOM: Enemy Within

    In case you hadn’t heard, Firaxis’ critically acclaimed 2012 strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting an expansion in the form of XCOM: Enemy Within. The expansion doesn’t offer a whole new campaign, but it does reinvigorate the original campaign with a number of new elements far beyond just new weapons and maps. The new…

  • We Play… Grand Theft Auto III

    Tony and Simon revisit GTA III, recounting fond memories and occasionally exploding.

  • Gone Home

    Gone Home is primarily a game of exploration, played from a first-person perspective yet featuring no combat whatsoever. You take on the role of Kaitlin, an American girl in her early twenties who has just returned to her family’s house after travelling for a year. There’s seemingly no-one at home, though, and you have to…

  • Listing Life Dangerously – Four GTA V Features to Look Forward To

    Simon runs through the most exciting features to look forward to in the biggest game of the year.

  • Saints Row IV

    Evolving from the formula laid down by Saints Row: The Third in 2011, Saints Row IV is more superhero wish fulfillment than the exploration of criminality that the series started out as. Frankly, it often plays more like Crackdown than it does a traditional Saints Row game. This turns out to be a good thing.…

  • Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer

    We recently sneaked past Ubisoft’s army of highly trained guards and grabbed a peek at the competitive multiplayer of their forthcoming skulk ’em up Splinter Cell Blacklist. Spies vs Mercs makes its long-awaited return. The poster boy for asynchronous multiplayer modes, it casts half the players as vulnerable first-person Mercs wandering around in a state…

  • Listing Life Dangerously – The Two Games I’m Stuck On

    Simon whinges about how he got stuck on the only two games he is playing at the moment.