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Issues of Import – Visual Novels for Achievements

Danny admits to playing dodgy games for easy achievements. NSFW!

Scar of the Doll review

Susan dives into the mystery of Scar of the Doll, a visual novel written by Hidehisa Miyashita and developed by Child Dream.

Reading Corner – Higurashi: When They Cry

Susan delves into the dark depths of Higurashi, a famous horror visual novel.

Reading Corner – Clannad

Susan looks at Clannad, the well-known visual novel tearjerker by Key.
Seduce Me the Otome - James Speedrunvideo

Seduce Me the Otome – Part 4

Bishe Boy hour returns and the horror only deepens as Susan and her companions, Kitty and Verity, dive deeper into the romance visual novel.

Pixelhunter – 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Susan delves into a chilling point-and-click, visual novel horror game for the DS.

Two weeks without Internet

Adam used his time without internet to catch up on his games backlog.

Let’s Play Doki Doki Literature Club! Part 1

Join Susan as she joins a literature club and meets cute girls!

Make space for Out There Chronicles

If you're willing to give Out There Chronicles some time and space, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The Coma needs to wake up to its potential

Side-scrolling Korean horror The Coma: Recut has a great deal of potential, in need of further exploration.

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