Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is now available

The cult favourite Deadly Premonition continues to endure, this time transforming into board game form following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In the small, mysterious town of Greenvale, Anna Graham has been murdered. There are no significant leads on the killer, and with the town full of strange characters, every single one must be treated as a suspect. It’s time to kickstart the investigation and get to work, isn’t that right, Zach?

Each player, or agent, has six suspects to investigate. Agents must protect the innocent, uncover incriminating evidence, and find the killer. However, in a shocking twist, one of the agents is actually the murderer! Find them, before it’s too late!

Agents can go head-to-head in evidence battles to try and gain an edge. Action cards can swing the game in your favour, if used wisely. Weather cards can either be underwhelming, or change everything. When it rains, the killer will strike…


The game is suitable for 2-4 players and should take 30-45 minutes. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend those 30-45 minutes wrestling with any controls. There are some interesting game mechanics such as evidence battles, action cards and weather cards that affect gameplay. Is it going to rain…?

In a nice bonus, the game comes with a custom die, original soundtrack, a gaming cloth and a download code for Deadly Premonition the video game. Just in case you missed out on this gem the first time.

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is available as a limited run on Amazon for $59.95 (roughly £42, not including shipping). See for more information.