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Fortnite Battle Royale New Features: The Chug Jug

Fortnite Battle Royale keeps getting better as Epic Games continue to dole out lashings of new, free content into the mode. A new patch promising new items, improved usability and plenty of bug fixes was launched last night to the clamouring hoardes of more than 45 million Fortnite fans. This patch also marks the end of the Save the World winter event over on the Fortnite PVE server.

A Rocky Start

However, last night’s patch could have gone a little bit better with the release causing a major database meltdown at Epic HQ. This meant many hours of server downtime and left players deeply frustrated as they were itching to get back to the mayhem of Tilted Towers and try out the new features.

The server issues may have something to do with an Epic Games employee’s cat pushing the go button, but no one is yet prepared to confirm or deny the rumour!

Epic Games Cat Tweet

Patch Highlights

However, true to form Epic brought the servers online as quickly as possible and the new patch is now live. So what changes can we expect to see?

The Chug Jug

The Chug Jug is a new legendary level shield and health item.  You will need 15 seconds to activate this new potion, which is a long time to be standing defenceless on the battlefield, but once consumed it will fully restore all your health and shield points! With legendary (gold) status Chug Jugs will be few and far between but they could make the difference between loss and Victory Royale in the end game.

Fortnite Chug Jug

Auto Run

Many players and professional streamers have been clamouring for the introduction of an auto run feature. PC players’ pinky fingers can finally take a rest while travelling across half the map. After the latest patch, the feature is now available on PC and consoles. Either double-click the left stick on your controller or use the = or NUM LOCK keys on your keyboard.

Underground Camper Exploits Plugged

The latest big release last week fixed a major exploit in which players found they could get underneath the playable map at Fatal Fields and cheat the game by shooting players who were unable to see them. This patch has fixed another underground hidey-hole that cropped up near the middle of the map. Sorry cheaters, you’ll have to play on the level playing field now. If you want to go underground, try the Shifty Shafts!

Shadowplay Highlights Improved

Shadowplay on NVidia graphics cards will now automatically record all DBNO (down but not out) knock-downs so you can more easily reminisce about all those times you nearly killed that guy.

Turn down for what?

The audio levels in the lobby area and when parachuting down onto the map have been adjusted. You should now be able to have a civilised conversation with your teammates over the hail of gunfire, dance emotes and rushing wind at the start of a game.

More to come

The latest splash screen hints at a new powerful shotgun style weapon due for release in the nearby future. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates! The full patch notes for the latest release can be read over on Epic Games’ website.