Two Point Hospital will have players in stitches

Inspired by and from the creators of Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital looks like a return to form for the classic medical management sim.

The announcement trailer for the game follows the unlucky Trevor, who has been struck by the rare disease of Light-Headedness. Thankfully, Two Point Hospital is a medical facility enlightened on this particular condition. Let’s hope that whoever is running the place can keep it all together…

The quirky humour and cartoony charm should be familiar to Theme Hospital fans, and will likely remind you of the first time the dreaded Balloon Head syndrome presented, usually only just after you had finished setting up your first doctor’s office.

Two Point Hospital gives you the chance to run your own hospital and fight hilarious diseases. Players can expect a combination of deep strategy and deep belly laughs.

Indie developer Two Point Studios was founded in 2016, and has people who have worked on Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Fable and Black and White. With those roots in the sim genre and more, it looks like Two Point Studios are well-placed to revive the beloved hospital sim.

Two Point Hospital launches for PC via Steam and the SEGA store later this year. If you’re keen to fight fictional diseases, you can sign up for the Hospital Pass which gives you a chance to hear news about the game first, as well as receive an exclusive in-game item at launch.

Find out more at or follow @2pointhospital on Twitter.



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