Dungeons 3 review – A must-buy for Dungeon Keeper fans?

Cameron went deep underground with Dungeons 3 and discovered his own talents as an evil overlord.

Dungeons 3 gives players the chance to be an evil dungeon lord and take over the world. To do this, you build and develop a dungeon which you can use to trap invading heroes, while simultaneously waging war on the inhabitants of the overworld with your own army of creatures.

The basic premise underpins a strategy game that combines pieces of management sims, dungeon explorers and throws in RTS battles for good measure. As a good dungeon lord, you have the responsibility to look after your troops and build your army in order to keep up with the attacking waves of enemies that will try to smash your base. Exploring the surroundings and digging further into the dungeon is a careful measurement of risk and reward. Exploring might yield great results such as gold, but you may also run into some nasty giant spiders.

As well as gathering gold, you’ll also have to build up your evil influence by engaging in activities on the surface such as raiding camps and fighting enemies. This is where the RTS battle system comes into play, and where your strategies as a commander will be tested. Do you go in with all guns blazing and risk being mowed down? Or should you play a more cautious game, running the risk of your enemies building up their own strengths while you wait for the right moment to attack?

Dungeons 3 replaces the sadistic edge of the previous games in the series with a tongue-in-cheek attitude and some snarky humour that thankfully doesn’t outstay its welcome. Strong narration and voice acting makes everything work, keeping things light as long as you don’t mind constant breaking of the fourth wall.

With a meaty campaign, multiplayer and co-op options, there is a lot for dungeon keeper fans here. As long as players can overcome the learning curve and stick with the game, Dungeons 3 will provide a fun and thoughtful gameplay experience.

Dungeons 3 is developed by Realmforge Studios and is available on Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.