Goodnight, Sweet Prince! Payday 2 Ladies’ Night

The Girl Squad assembles to rob banks and take names! Kitty, Susan, Verity and Fran team up to show Payday 2 how the ladies do it.

They don’t call Verity ‘Boltcutters McGee’ for nothin’, I tells ya. Fran displays impeccable style with some sharp, colourful shirts for her character. Kitty tries her best to coordinate the team, and is also responsible for some of the loudest battle roars we’ve ever heard. Susan is endlessly trying to find the van and has no idea how to throw things, much to everyone’s despair.

Why does Bane even still want to work with them?! It’s not all bad however, as there is eventual victory… once the team cuts their losses and leaves a member behind to get taken into custody.

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