Can you hear the chimes? Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite has stolen the hearts of Team Ready Up with its cartoony feel, sparkly loot chests and optimised gameplay. Join Susan, Scott and Verity as they jump into battle royale!

Somebody should have warned them that Verity would turn into a house-wrecking monster when she catches wind of the magical chimes that signal a loot chest. Scott displays cheerful optimism in the face of adversity, an affinity for useless traps and a tendency for falling off ledges. Meanwhile, Susan would definitely gnaw at people’s ankles if she could and what she lacks in skill, she makes up for in pure enthusiasm. It’s a shame that doesn’t win any matches…

The stream goes meta when the team get close to the endgame (not them, their murderers do), and everything descends into a desperate shoutcast. Allegiances change, hotels are built and the team witnesses a frantic battle for the very end. No chicken dinner here, more like chicken nuggets and a happy meal.

Join Team Ready Up for multiplayer fun on Twitch every Friday, 20:00 GMT.