Create constellations, explode planets in mobile game Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars is a starry version of classic arcade Breakout-style games. Using your touch screen, you can control a paddle and use it to bat away a meteor that will always come hurtling back.

Your paddle follows the curve of the planet and as you bat away the meteor, the meteor bounces off stars. As you hit stars, you build constellations that slowly fall out of view.

However, if you drop the ball, it crashes straight into your planet and turn it into a fiery ball of death with a loud KABOOM.

After that spectacular death, you’re treated to a lovely display of all of your constellations, as well as your high score. Then it’s time to go again!

It’s a sweet and simple game, with attractive colours. The explosions upon death were hilarious, although that may not have been the intention, simply because it was so at odds with the rest of the game, which features cheerful colours and lots of pretty, pretty stars. The game is one where you’re encouraged to beat your previous high score over and over again, so it’s good for quick pick up and play.

Seeing Stars is available on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free and has adverts, but you can pay whatever you think the game is worth in order to remove them.



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