Jettomero: Hero of the Universe review

Take on the role of a well-meaning giant robot trying to save squishy humans in Jettomero: hero of the Universe by Ghost Time Games.

In Jettomero, you are the titular giant robot, who awakes on a distant world with no memory and no purpose. Jettomero then embarks upon a journey across the universe via wormholes, exploring planets and discovering that there is always good to be done, monsters to fight, and planets to save. It’s a shame he’s so clumsy that he accidentally destroys lots of buildings…

The comic book aesthetics are bright and colourful, lending credence to the ‘hero of the universe’ theme. The game does, however, have a surprisingly profound story mode unlocked by solving a series of cipher puzzles, and displays a heart almost as big as Jettomero’s.


The game is rather short, unfortunately, but does have some additional bits and pieces to add some fun to the experience. A cute photo mode takes advantage of the bold colours and cell-shaded graphics, and as you explore planets you can dig up spare legs, arms, heads and torsos to make Jettomero look as silly or as appealing as you like. A dreamy, electronica soundtrack is an additional bonus, and perfectly fits the style and mood of the game as a whole.

Jettomero is available on Steam and Xbox One. Follow @ghosttimegames on Twitter or see for more.


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