Avenge us, Scott! PUBG with Team Ready Up

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has seen phenomenal success, breaking the record for most concurrent number of players (previously held by DOTA 2) and selling 10 million copies in less than 6 months.

If you don’t already know (and where the hell have you been if you don’t?!) PUBG is the ‘ultimate battle royale’. Players parachute on to an island where they have to battle to be the last one standing. The aim of the game is to scavenge as best as you can, take out the other players, avoid the blue and the bombs and win that sweet, sweet chicken dinner.

Our Verity scored some chicken dinner!

Team Ready Up have also fallen sway to the call of the elusive chicken so Verity, Kitty and Susan escorted Scott through his very first game of PUBG. It goes about as well as you might expect: Scott goes prone in an attic, Verity sends the team into a death field, Kitty goes boom boom pow in a boat and Susan embraces sweet death. Just a normal Casual Friday on Twitch, then!

You can join Team Ready Up for more multiplayer shenanigans every Friday at 8pm GMT at twitch.tv/readyupvideo