Crest Review

Verity dished out commands as a god in Crest, a game by Eat, Create, Sleep.

Crest works differently from other god games. Instead of directly influencing your followers, you instead pass commandments down to them (and hope for the best).

You have no direct physical control over your people, or the landscape, so you can’t just throw followers into the sea if you feel like it. Instead, you build commandments using ‘words of power’ that your people have discovered, and these commandments are passed down by your priests. The people can then choose to follow, not follow, or interpret what you have decreed. This might lead to some less-than-desirable behaviours, which you can try to straighten out by using influence points to provide amendments that approve or forbid certain actions.

It’s not easy to manage a tribe of humans as an all-powerful being! Especially if they interpret your commands to allow cannibalism.

Even with this, you might find that people break into different factions as they come to different interpretations of your commandments, adapting or reforming their beliefs. These different factions might also come into conflict with each other. Humans, eh?

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