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Darknet VR Review

Susan dove deep into the web to review Darknet, a puzzle game in VR by E McNeill.

Darknet casts you in the role of an elite hacker, essentially solving puzzles within puzzles. You are given an overall time limit to conquer the central node within a larger web, however to get to it you’ll have to hack the other nodes connected to it. Each node is in itself a puzzle, where you have to be smart with your items and place viruses in an attempt to infect the core, before the antivirus defenses kick in and wipe you out.

It is clever strategic puzzling, but the game has a good tutorial and the difficulty is well-paced so you never feel out of your depth; instead, you feel like your hackers skillz are constantly growing. Hacking nodes gives you money as well that you can use to purchase other items that will help in your quest to conquer cyberspace.

VR adds to the feel of being in a digital world, especially with the ability to look around and see how big each web is. The colours are also bright, attractive neons that pop against deep black backgrounds.

Darknet is available on Steam, Playstation VR and Samsung Gear VR. Follow @darknetgame on Twitter.



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