When I was asked to review this new title by Red Beat I jumped (not a hyper one – thanks) at the chance to give it a go. Space Rogue is a bit of a jack of all trades genre wise; part space fight sim, micro management of the ship and resources, and a few extras like planetary exploration for mining much needed materials which can be used to repair or upgrade your crew’s ship.

The look and feel of the game fits like a well-made glove. The top-down isometric view suits it well with its clear and crisp graphics, and it’s very easy to navigate your way around the ship. Some suitably sounding music and background effects help build the atmosphere for the game and you never feel out of place with what you see or hear as you make your way into the depths of deep space exploration and survival against whatever lies out there. The controls are very easy to get to grips with and learn and you never feel lost in what you are shown or how to accomplish what needs to be done – job well done by Red Beat there.

Firing up the game, I went straight into the tutorial mode where a tutorial galaxy was generated for your ordinary reconnaissance mission. There are several points to jump to during the mission, and at each point you are taught the skills you need to know to survive the harshness of space. Scan some space debris picking an improved laser cannon, move onto the next sector where you encounter your first group of dastardly pirates and you get a very succinct lesson in how to deal with the enemy. Survive this and move onto the next sector, and so on etc. The tutorial is clear and concise and helps coax you in the perfect way to learn all you need to know to get through Space Rogue, and by the time it’s over you’re pretty much ready for what comes next. I don’t want to give too much away as I think this is a great title to pass an hour or two away of a quiet evening.

Space Rogue could have been an overly complex game but Red Beat have mixed just the right amounts of varying game styles into a neat little package that is surprisingly quite enjoyable. I will in due course be diving into the game fully to see just how much more the game can bring into these areas of play. Space Rogue is certainly not as complex a space conquest game such as the likes of Stellaris, but rather brings you into this game type with a gentle touch and you never feel that you’re out of your depth with it.

Should you consider buying it? If you like this sort of game then as a certain space ship captain once said…make it so!