You Can Never Go Back Episode #1 – The Hobbit (1982)

Ah, nostalgia! The rose-tinted spectacles of yesteryear that makes us forgot just how many hours we sank into 8-bit adventures. In ‘You Can Never Go Back’, we challenge one Ready Upper to take us on a journey back to their youth and show us a game they loved as a child. Will they remember it as fondly? Can you go really back?

In this debut episode, Verity shows Susan the delights of The Hobbit first released in 1982 on the ZX Spectrum. The Hobbit 1982 was a text adventure developed by Beam Software and published by Melbourne House. It used its very own language system called ‘Inglish’ which required you to type commands and sentences to progress through the game.

The game came out before Susan was even born, so how does she fare? Will she find the ring? Will she rescue Thorin’s gold? Will they end up getting Gandalf killed?

Watch the episode above and find out!