In the vast world of Twitch and streaming, there are a few games that really stand out as popular because they’re fun to play, and to watch. Multiplayer first and third-person shooters are frequently streamed and viewed, whether that’s the fast-paced chaos of Overwatch, the pants-optional free-for-all of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or the enduring favourite Counterstrike: Global Offensive. There are of course, other popular games like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and of course, Hearthstone. But what if you’re looking for something a little different?

Here at Team Ready Up, we like a bit of variety when we stream. So here are our top picks for online co-op, multiplayer games that are perfect for streaming, including some that you might have overlooked.

Payday 2

It’s a well-loved game, but it’s a good one so get your masks on and go steal some stuff! Payday 2 involves a team of 4 participating in a heist which makes it perfect to play with friends. There are different missions, all with a criminal element, but you can choose to approach them stealthily, or guns blazing. Guess which method we usually end up taking. You can take the approach of carefully planning your heist – you get a lot of information beforehand such as blueprints, and you’re given a rating for concealment based on how conspicuous you look according to what you’re currently wearing or carrying. However, much to resident expert Scott’s chagrin, the best laid plans of mice and men and Team Ready Up often go awry, with hilarious results.

What the Box

Hilarious but annoying theme song aside, What the Box is a simple but fun shooting game. You are a box – in fact, everyone is a box – in a world of boxes. You’re armed with a gun, and a box cutter, and off you go to hunt down your friends! A fun twist on the multiplayer shooter, the boxes littering the stages always confuse matters to often hilarious effect. Was that a hint of movement, or is that just an innocent box minding its own business? This is the game where we discovered that Kitty has a somewhat worrying penchant for knives.


It’s a race to be the last one standing – up to four players speed through an obstacle course, trying to trip up everyone else while avoiding all of the traps. There are usually Mario Kart-like levels of item abuse, often resulting in a barrage of creative insults from the unfortunate victim who wasn’t fast enough. Each level is a fight to be the fastest, by using shortcuts and moves effectively, and of course by deploying your items at the best time to leave your opponents eating your dust. Be warned though – if the match goes on long enough, the game will force a winner by shrinking the visible play area to roughly the size of a postage stamp.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

It seems that Team Ready Up just really likes trolling each other, and Ultimate Chicken Horse is the perfect game to do that. In Ultimate Chicken Horse, you all start at the same place and you can all see the flag at the end. It’s a straightforward path… but each turn, everyone must place an obstacle of some kind. It’s a fine balance between helping yourself, screwing over everyone else, or inadvertently cocking up your own perfect plan. The obstacles build and the course gets crazier and crazier as you go along so that only the ultimate animal (or platforming master) will make it to the end past tennis ball shooters, buzzsaws, sticky honey traps, deadly spikes and black holes.

Mount Your Friends

It’s been around for a while, but Mount Your Friends is still just as funny as when it first debuted, proudly swaying dongs and all. Using deliberately awkward, QWOP-style controls, navigate your wrestler to the top of a mounting pile of bodies in an effort to be the king of the pile. Proudly climb your way to the top by flailing your wrestler’s limbs and hoping for the best, or take a skilful grab-and-fling approach. Just don’t get distracted by the nipples.