Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Take a wander in Yonder!

Yonder is a gentle exploration game set in the land of Gemea, in which you can collect, craft, farm and make new friends. There is a mystery afoot as well, as you must uncover your hidden past which is linked to that of the island. Upon arrival, you make an ally of the sprites who protect the isle, as they enlist your help to help restore Gemea to its former glory by defeating the encroaching Murk, a purple goop which covers the land.

To do this, you will need to explore a collection of different biomes, each with its own people and super cute animals that you can befriend and adopt at your own farm. You will also need to master a range of crafts so you have the skills you need to save Gemea.

In this First Look video, Verity dips her toe into the first 40 minutes of the game and explores the first biome, The Grasslands, encountering her very first Groffle.