If you are looking for an entertaining way to wile away a few hours on the internet or completely kill all your productivity at work then you can’t go too wrong with the browser RPG, Kingdom of Loathing. The game has been around since 2004, it has a massively loyal fan base and the game graphics still look as good as they did back at the beginning… mainly because they are all hand-drawn stick people.

West of Loathing - In the Town

But, of course, you don’t come to Loathing for just the graphics – which are actually pretty sweet – you come for the slapstick, ribald comedy, or for the flagrant use of references and memes, and just possibly for the fame, glory and sweet meaty loot with which to build your stickman legacy.

Well this summer, that legacy is about to get a little bit bigger as Asymmetric, the developer of the Loathing series are launching a new game, West of Loathing. It will be a standalone PC game and will release on Steam this August. It will still have the same stick-person graphics that Loathing fans have come to know and love but now they will be animated in a Paper Mario 3D diorama style along with sounds, music and all the bells and whistles that this latest generation of gamers have come to expect.

West of Loathing - Snake Fight

The new game will be set west of Loathing which I think we can safely assume is somewhere to the west of the original game’s location. It may potentially be on a new landmass as the original Kingdom of Loathing took place on a weird island made up of several different biome locations ranging from icy peaks to arid deserts. You could also go to space and visit the bottom of the ocean.

West of Loathing promises to be more defined with just one setting in a cute cowboy theme. Not that this sense of focus will diminish the outlandish humour or crazy cast of characters that made Kingdom of Loathing such a cult hit. The new game already lists thousands of jokes, gags and goofs among its numerous features. Features include lots and lots of quests, turn-based combat (if you want it), over 60 (count ’em) hats, gulches, saloons (with questionable reputations) and a drunken horse. And of course, meat will continue to be the local currency of choice.

West of Loathing - Combat

Loathing’s particular style of humour may not be for everyone, although nearly half a million people playing the online browser game can’t be too wrong, but it is definitely worth a look. The great thing is you can play Kingdom of Loathing for free right now and get a taster of what awaits in West of Loathing when it releases in August.

Kingdom of Loathing is a free-to-play turn-based game. Turns are called adventures. You get 200 adventures as standard which you could easily breeze through in one lunch hour of play. You can recover adventures by eating and, even more magically, by mixing cocktails and getting drunk. Just don’t get too drunk though, fair warning!

Shorelady from Kingdom of Loathing

In fact, you can even have a mini taster of the western-themed adventures in the browser game by taking a trip from The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency. I can’t confirm or deny that you actually go to West of Loathing but you do take a trip to a ‘distant land’ and visit a Dude Ranch for cowboy based adventures.

West of Loathing will release on PC and Mac through Steam sometime this August. So start saving up your steaks.

Kingdom of Loathing is free to play now at www.kingdomofloathing.com.