We welcome our very own genetically modified team member, Stewart Griffin. Follow him on Twitter: @StuffSGThinks



What have you been playing?

  • Stewart can’t stop playing Bloodborne, so the team take the opportunity to take it back to the concrete streets of Yharnam to discuss its special approach to design and its perverse take on body horror. Dean apologises for his behaviour and for bringing the podcast to disrepute. Stewart tells us about his adventures with the free-till-pay MMO Onigiri.
  • Dean’s finished Prey and loves the design of Talos1. He also talks briefly about Hollow Knight, a hand drawn Metroidvania.
  • Susan’s been playing the semi-procedural, FMV detective game The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker.

Guest Spotlight

  • It’s time to grill Stewart about the kinds of game he likes, especially board games. Also Dean talks a little about the UK Games Expo.

Theme of the Week: Board? Game!

  • We each give a board game recommendation. Learn how to manipulate your hand in Great Western Trail, the stock market in Nautilus Industries and your friendship in Cash $ Guns.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • We put Stewart’s Polish pronunciation to the test…