Susan and guest host Scott welcome fellow podcasters Stuart Neill and Ali Cornwall from Lapsed Gamer Radio. You can check out Lapsed Gamer Radio’s podcast, find out more about them and follow them on Twitter @lapsedgamer

Our very own Kitty Crawford guested on Lapsed Gamer Radio episode 53, so check that one out (and then the rest!)

What have you been playing?

  • Stuart has been training Magikarps to the dizzying heights of victory in Magikarp Jump! This leads everyone to muse briefly on the eternal problem of the Pokemon cookbook. Stuart also talks about Paper Mario Color Splash and its place in the Paper Mario pantheon, and some surprising bargains he snapped up recently. 
  • Ali is all about the cars, starting with mobile traffic management game Does Not Commute, through to Motorsport Manager and the ultra-punishing Dirt. 
  • Susan is decompressing with chilled mobile building/crafting game Zombie Castaways. But how did the zombies even get there? Who knows?
  • Scott has been playing Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and gives some brief thoughts on the game and its position in the franchise.

Guest Spotlight

  • We talk to Ali and Stuart about Lapsed Gamer Radio, commiserate as fellow podcasters and find out a little bit more about their own gaming interests.

Theme of the Week: What pulled you out of a gaming slump?

  • Everyone chats through the games that have pulled them out of a ‘lapse’. From MMOs to mobile games and more, everyone has a game or genre of game that they have fallen back on during a dry spell, between longer adventures, or during periods where time has been short.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • Trailing behind in points, can the hosts save some face by successfully navigating Stuart and Ali’s double round?

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