E3 Roundup: Bethesda

Next up was Bethesda, with their magical, wild ride to Bethesdaland! It’s a wonderful place, believe us~!  Stewart, Dean and Cameron went on a bit of an acid trip as they looked at all of what Bethesda had to offer.

Bethesda bring VR versions of Doom and Fallout 4, so prepare your vomit buckets if you suffer from motion sickness. They also bring back the firm fan favourite of Morrowind to the Elder Scrolls Online, but will they be able to recapture the magic of the original once it’s in an MMO context? Bethesda also unveiled Creation Club, their (rebooted) version of a paid-for mods scheme which is likely to appeal to console players who don’t have easy access to mods. Skyrim (does anybody need another copy?) is also coming to Switch with an unintentionally hilarious Link costume for your character if you have the right Amiibo and some cool motion controls – FUS RO DOH MY CONTROLLER. Other highlights include Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Quake: Champions and The Evil Within 2.