We welcome our special guest for this episode, Dazz Loyall Brown, founder of Did You Know Gaming, VGFacts and The Spriters Resource and walking repository of infinite video game knowledge.

You can follow Dazz on Twitter @TheVGResource. Check out Did You Know Gaming on their Youtube channel, and follow them @didyouknowgamin.

What have you been playing?

  • Dazz kicks things off with talking about multiplayer hell runs on Spelunky, and how fun it is to listen to lo-fi hip-hop while exploring and casually murdering your fellow players in the service of the greater mission of completing a run.
  • Dazz has also been playing Towerfall Ascension, which leads to a brief discussion about its origins on the doomed Ouya console, which then leads to a further discussion about XBMC as the origins for the excellent open source home theatre app, Kodi.
  • It’s somewhere around this point that Dean realises that Scott (guest-hosting for this week) and Dazz are basically clones of each other and that the rambling is likely to carry on until the end of time as each gets excited about another video game related factoid or anecdote. Scott apologises in advance to whoever is going to be editing this. (THANKS, SCOTT.)
  • Dazz also talks about the game that changed his life, Suikogaiden, which leads to another long tangent about anime, the virtues of subs versus dubs, some good dubs, much love for Kids on the Slope (which everyone should watch by the way) etc, etc.
  • Back on track, Dean has been Prey-ing a lot, and is still very much in love with the game with nothing but praise for it. Dean also reveals a worrying enjoyment for snooping around people’s emails.
  • Dean also provides an environmental interlude as he shares his love of Topsoil, a mobile game where the puzzle is in planting.
  • Meanwhile, Scott has finished Persona 5 but doesn’t want to share too much because spoilers, except to say that it was excellent, and one particular sidestory cut a little too close, perhaps…

Guest Spotlight

We chat to Dazz about the founding of Did You Know Gaming and its origins as a way to remember cool facts about video games and share them with people through the magic of social media, before it expanded into Youtube. He talks about making it big, expanding into other shows and gives a glimpse into the reality of running Did You Know Gaming. Dazz also talks about The Spriters Resource, and the work he put into it and other websites as a hobby while in his late teens (shout out for Geocities!) and how it exploded to become the valued resource that it is today.

Theme of the Week: Favourite Video Game Facts

In honour of Did You Know Gaming always bringing to light obscure things you may not know, or that you may have known but forgotten, everyone shares one of their favourite video game facts. Discover the secret behind ‘guru meditation’ get a slice of British video game history, and find out exactly how we managed to work our beloved Undertale into this podcast.

Two Truths, One Lie

Some crazy facts here – or at least, two of them – as we discover just what it’s like to be in the video games press, and how deep Dazz’s passion for the Sonic the Hedgehog games runs.

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