At the time of writing it’s only really a rumour reported by Eurogamer but it’s hard not to get a little excited at the prospect of a mini SNES sitting in my living room. That is providing I’d be able to find one, Nintendo being the worst hardware manufacturers in the world as I sit here still waiting for the previous lot of Zelda amiibos to reappear online. But that’s a post for another time, this one is all about what I want to see on the SNES Classic.

We all know that the likes of Link to the Past, Mario World, Super Metroid etc. are all shoe-ins. This is a list of the lesser known, maybe more unloved games that I would like to see on the mini console. So without further ado, let’s start with the most obscure one.


I remember seeing pictures of this in various Nintendo magazines leading up to release. A niche RPG that only saw a release in Japan and PAL territories, it can now been seen asking for quite a high price on eBay. Gameplay wise I’m still not sure how it plays, all I know is it came out, got great reviews, and then disappeared from store shelves as fast as it arrived.

And during that period I had to make do with only a few games a year so had to forget about it.

Mega Man X 1-3

The first Mega Man X could be my favourite platform game of all time, better than any Mario even. I’ve probably completed it more than any other game, finding all the hidden extras and have the boss pattern cemented in my brain. I’m not quite sure why it hooked me the way it did, maybe it was the excellent design, each level excellently constructed, or the catchy music that I can instantly recall. All I know is it’s the highpoint of the entire Mega Man franchise.

The two SNES sequels may not have quite reached the peak of the original, but you may as well throw the entire trilogy on their, especially considering the latter two can be quite pricey for SNES games.

Sim City 2000

No doubt there may be some PC elite who are just scoffing at the idea of playing a Sim City game on a peasant console, but this is where I first played the city building sim and I loved it. Yes, using a controller is vastly inferior with this type of game than a mouse, but it never really bothered me. From what I could tell (I have had some experience of the game on PC since) the game is similar, it looks surprisingly good (again this could be a rose tinted glasses thing) and I lost many hours to my virtual city of Gotham.

Maybe with a re-release on the SNES Classic, many years later I could perhaps finally figure out how to get a working water system in my city. Those water towers were the bane of my teenage existence.

Turtles Tournament Fighters

The unlikeliest on the list due to the license swapping hands since the games release. A Konami fighting game from back when they made games (haha jokes!), it was very much riding on the coattails of the Street Fighter 2 era. Chances are it doesn’t hold up as well as I remember from my childhood, so this is merely wanted as more of a childhood curiosity.

Still, with the Turtles license now in the grips of Activision, this is 99.9% unlikely of ever seeing a re-release.


Remember when F-Zero was a thing? Because I’m not sure Nintendo does. Once as prominent a racing franchise as Mario Kart, with even an anime series to go along with it, it’s not been seen since the Gamecube’s F-Zero GX. A recent Mute City DLC for Mario Kart gave people hope that F-Zero is being dusted off for a revival, but still people are waiting. So why not get F-Zero back in the publics conscious with the original, a game I admittedly haven’t even played (my first experience with the series was X on N64).

A double whammy of this and Super Mario Kart would certainly excite.


The more I think about all the games I’d want to play again, some for the first time, has made me realise how much I actually want this rumour to become a reality. So come on Nintendo, please don’t disappoint me again.