We welcome our guest Ricky Haggett (@kommanderklobb) creator of Hohokum, Frobisher Says and Super Exploding Zoo. Ricky’s studio Hollow Ponds (@hllwpnds) has recently released the roguelike strategy card game, Loot Rascals.

Take a look at our Kitty’s playthrough of Loot Rascals – she’s very good at the game!

What have you been playing?

  • Ricky has been playing the excellent Night in the Woods, and the story cuts close to home for Dean. Ricky then talks to us about Monty Python and Renaissance art inspired point and click adventure Four Last Things. Lastly, Ricky starts drawing some boundaries for realistic videogame consumption, prompting the crew to reflect on some videogame turn offs and Dean unveils a tenuous analogy about… tax collecting?
  • Dean’s been tax collecting in the intriguing post-post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn, which has become one of his favourite sci-fi stories of recent years because of the way it sets up and handles its mysteries. Dean’s also started playing the ill-fated Mass Effect Andromeda, which in contrast doesn’t handle its mysteries very well, prompting a discussion of whether various franchises manage to earn their status as ‘serious’ sci-fi.
  • Speaking of sci-fi that deserves to be taken seriously (Man, the segues are good this episode!) Susan’s been playing Milkmaid of the Milkyway (or Heidi in space).

Guest Spotlight

  • We interview our guest Ricky about his work at Hollow Ponds and his latest game Loot Rascals, which has been influenced by board games and seeks to settle once and for all whether PC or PS4 players are the bigger arseholes.

Theme of the Week: Easter Eggs

  • With Easter around the corner we’ve decided to discuss our favourite Easter eggs in games.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • Another fantastic segue takes us to Two Truths, One Lie, and a particularly brilliant collection of minor videogames celebrity anecdotes.

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