Susan is joined by fellow Ready Uppers Verity and Scott, and special guest Rob to talk about all of the indie games they played at EGX Rezzed. Timestamps for the individual games are below.

  • 00.01.01 Call the Blacksmith The team had a great time getting their smelt on with this efficient, time-management pixel smithy adventure.
  • 00.02.37 Serial Cleaner Susan loves games where you can do chores! She’s also incredibly good at hiding the bodies.
  • 00.04.25 Yooka-Laylee With the game’s release right around the corner, Susan and Scott revel in the N64 nostalgia.
  • 00.06.54 Augmented Empire Resident VR Trooper Rob doesn’t let the awkward Gear VR controls get in the way of an interesting experience.

  • 09.08 King Under the Mountain Survival expert Verity loved carving out her own kingdom.
  • 12.05 Impact Winter Verity also liked surviving in freezing cold conditions.
  • 13.40 Phantom Halls The team were impressed with Evil Dead Ash’s boomstick, but found the controls lacking overall.
  • 17.30 A Light in Chorus Susan was particularly taken with this otherworldly adventure.
  • 24.43 Bombslinger Scott took a look at a game which has clear connections with classic Bomberman

  • 26.53 Figment Susan and Verity got lost in this beautiful game’s imaginatio
  • 29.32 Inops Cute shadow characters and fun platform puzzle elements gave this game a little bounce
  • 34.28 Captain Kaon In which Scott got stuck under a lever
  • 37.42 Knights and Bikes Good game, but an unfortunate seating experience for Scott
  • 39.40 Sure Footing Susan proved she knows the steps by smashing and holding the high score for a good 6 hours at a packed show.

  • 42.51 BeeBeeQ The team get a real buzz from this hilarious VR multiplayer game
  • 47.19 Aaerea After some debate about pronounciation, Scott and Verity note this game’s excellent boss battle.
  • 50.03 Super Arcade Football Things got a bit brutal in this Sensible Soccer-like multiplayer football game.
  • 52.17 At Sundown The team had great fun shooting at each other in the dark.
  • 54.48 Deckbound Spears Team Ready Up threw spears at each other, and then completely broke the game.
  • 57.59 Oh My Godheads One of our top games of the show, where capturing the flag (or the godhead) often spells trouble.

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