Susan hosts while Dean is off doing academic things, and is joined by team members Kitty and Scott. Kitty is fresh from her victory having smashed the leaderboards for indie game Loot Rascals, and Scott accepts his title as Ready Up’s Technical Pedant.

What have you been playing?

  • Kitty has been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, but the game makes her incredibly angry every time she plays it. “I know kung fu!”
  • Scott has been playing Pokémon Moon and along with Susan, takes Kitty on a tour of the franchise. Kitty didn’t realise just how expansive the Pokémon empire was!
  • Scott has also been playing Overwatch, and talks about what it is about the game that pulls him back in every time he is just about ready to quit.
  • Susan has been stressing out over XCOM 2, and trying not to kill the entire squad.

Global Game Jam

  • Kitty took part in the Global Game Jam. The theme was ‘Waves’ and she talks about what her and her team came up with – a concept which uses Google Cardboard and an improvised headstrap which definitely is not a pair of pants. Kitty also runs through some of her highlights of the jam.
  • The team also get distracted momentarily by Kitty’s farming exploits in Stardew Valley, and we take a brief detour into the Ready Up Bath Podcast.

Theme of the Week: Time to play!

  • The team discuss games that they remember spending the most time on. Scott knows the first six hours of The Secret of Monkey Island off by heart, and Susan reminisces about Game and Watch Gallery.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • It’s time for two truths one lie, and things are a little reversed this episode as Susan tries to fool the guests with her three statements.

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