Join Susan, Dean and special guest Alice Bell, Content Editor at, on an audio road trip to find material for our difficult seventh album podcast. Check out Alice’s writing at and follow her on Twitter: @babygotbell.

What have you been playing?

  • Alice has been playing Final Fantasy XV and we discuss which member of the J-Pop band at the centre of the game that we’d most like to date.
  • Alice also puts us straight on Watchdogs 2, which is way better than the first one.
  • Susan’s been keeping up to date this time by playing Pokémon Sun and is enjoying the fact that she doesn’t have to go to the gym.
  • Dean picked us 4X strategy game Endless Legends and reflects on the pros and cons of the game compared to genre powerhouse Civilisation and the various takes on the genre in board games.
  • Dean is excited about the new map for Paragon: Monolith, which looks set to completely reshape the game (and possibly the MOBA genre).

Playstation Experience

  • Since we have a real games journalist with us we take the opportunity to discuss The PlayStation Experience and select some of our favourite announcements. We also have a chat about the promising progressive trend for more female characters emerging in games… oh, and Nier.

Guest Spotlight

  • We talk to our guest Alice Bell about her role at, how she got into the industry, her inspirations, the inspired ‘Fuckduplet’ series at Videobrains, and the badass scar on her midriff.

Theme of the Week: Good Hair Game

  • It’s time to talk about hair for the theme of the week, in honour of Alice Bell’s glorious locks and those dapper lads in Final Fantasy. Check out our forthcoming beauty and lifestyle podcast ‘character creation’.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • It’s time for two truths one lie, where some discussions of Dragon Age fan fic cuts a little too close to home for Susan…

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