We welcome Vincent DeSilva, Dutch game designer extraordinaire, developer of Woven, a cute 3D exploration game with a crafting aesthetic. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about Woven in about a month either on Twitter (@woventhegame) or on Facebook.

What have you been playing?

  • Vincent has been playing Planet Coaster and explains his approach to theme park building, which gives us a sneak peek into his relationship.
  • Dean gives his fortnightly Dragon Age: Inquisition check in (he has the Platinum now), and gives his thoughts on the DLCs.
  • Susan has started the Witcher 3 (she has a lot of catching up to do because Dean has the Platinum on that too) and is already making morally dubious choices.
  • Dean has played the new hotness tabletop wargame Cry Havoc by Portal Games, in which three invading forces simultaneously turn up to claim the same alien planet (typical, just like buses!).

Guest Spotlight

  • We talk to Vincent about Woven, his route into the Dutch games industry via academia, making the Sims before Will Wright, his experience with crowd funding, difficult decisions around interface design, and inventing Eggnuts – Also, Susan discovers you can’t always have the cute without the spikey!

Theme of the Week: Visual Appeal

  • It’s time for theme of the week, where we talk about games with visually appealing aesthetics.

Two Truths, One Lie

  • Finally, it’s time to wrap things up with Two Truths, One Lie – in which we become hopelessly distracted by literacy games aimed at seven-year-olds…

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