I’ve always been a Nintendo kid so short of a new console causing a bunch of killer wasps to invade my home I’d purchase whatever new product they offer. And that tradition looks to continue with the Switch after the short, yet interesting video they showed. I do have a number of worries and reservations though that do give me cause for concern.

Battery Power

The main area of worry for me is the battery life. The handheld/console hybrid is a fantastic idea, but if that battery can’t last a decent amount of time then it’ll be just as pointless as the WII U gamepad became. Speaking of which, the gamepad doesn’t have the most fantastic of battery life, and I think we can assume the graphical power of the Switch will be far greater. Everyone will be different of course, but for me if it can’t last a good four hours then it’s going to be permanently docked in the living room.

Third Party

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Nintendo don’t know how to cater to the third party publishers. Some will be shouting “did you see the list, loads of partners were listed”, but then I’m pretty sure the Wii U had a similar list and we all know how that turned out. After an initial push it soon petered out to the usual suspects of Nintendo published titles once everyone realised porting games became an absolute nightmare.

An impressive partner list. But how many will abandon the platform if it fails to sell?

Who is it aimed at?

There’s a reason the Wii became the success it was. It targeted an audience previously untapped by Microsoft and Sony, the non-gamers, the parents, the people whose previous gaming experience was Facebook games and iOS runners. And despite the ‘hardcore’ bemoaning the lack of “real” games, it certainly worked out in Nintendo’s favour after the lukewarm sales figures of the N64 and Gamecube. So then who is the Switch targeting?

The advert containing lots of young folk and features footage such as Skyrim and Zelda. It seems like it’s aiming for more of a market share occupied by the two big guns with a few Nintendo favourites thrown in to appease the people who were already sold on this prior to announcement. People (and Nintendo) can scream all they want about not considering Microsoft or Sony a competitor but of course they area. When you release a new console in the market you are competing, end of. It does make me worry that with most people already either on the side of PS4 or Xbone One (or both) there won’t be enough room for another. I do hope I’m wrong though. We already lost Sega, losing Nintendo would be quite tragic.

It’s a good looking console for sure.


It may sound like I’m being overly negative, but I don’t intend too. I’m already going to be pre-ordering soon, I just don’t want Nintendo to make the same mistakes that befell the Wii U. At least with a new name and branding (the logo is the absolute best) it won’t fall into the trap of making people think it’s just an add-on for the last console.

I just hope it has amiibo support.