Fallout 4: Nuka-World

Fallout 4 was released last November to critical acclaim, it had such high expectations due to the popularity of the previous two games in the series and for me Fallout 4 certainly met these expectations. But it is with Bethesda’s sixth and final DLC that they close this chapter in the Fallout series: Nuka-World.

Nuka-World is a Disney style theme park populated by three different factions of raider, the Disciples, the Operators and the Pack. The Disciples are your traditional aggressive raider gang, the Operators are slightly more tech savvy and sneaky, while the Pack are tribal themed and are generally crazy! Towards the beginning of the DLC you find yourself as the new boss of Nuka-World and it’s your job to keep the three factions in line and to take control of the other areas in the park. In a traditional Fallout fashion you can side with one of these factions, you do this by giving them a part of the theme park once you’ve taken it over.

By far the most enjoyable aspect of this DLC is the setting itself. Exploring the theme park and all of its different sections is fun. Although, the overall map isn’t massive it’s certainly dense with a lot to do, there are six areas of the park to take over and explore, some of which are the Galactic Zone and Safari Adventure.  Each area has its own quests tied to it and unique enemies to defeat; I found the enemies an adequate challenge even though my character is close to level 60, most encounters were not too easy but also not too hard.

For the majority of the time the quests in Nuka-World have been enjoyable with nice bits of dialogue to start and finish them and lots of combat in the middle. However, there are also quite a few “collectathon” quests. One of these quests was find nine pictures of Cappy, the Nuka-Cola mascot, throughout the whole park, another was find twenty power cores that are also scattered all over the Nuka-World.  A lot of the time these missions lead to back tracking and going to areas you’ve already explored when you really just want to advance and discover new things.

I’ve come across some new novelty weapons, like a water pistol and a paddle ball that are silly and fun but nothing else has really been much use to my character as I’ve already fully upgraded decent gear in the main game. Although special weapons will have their own effects that might suit other character builds better. Other than this, I’ve also found many new flavours of Nuka-Cola, and you can combine these flavours to create whole new flavours in mixing machines scatter across the map. However, I didn’t really use this as Nuka-Cola is only useful for healing, so if you have played the game as much as I have you probably have plenty of Stimpacks to use to not have to bother with the radiation filled fizzy drink.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my time with this DLC. Bethesda has created a colourful location that is fun and engaging to explore despite a few boring quests and lack of new gear. What I think is particularly special about this DLC is that it fits as a nice goodbye from Bethesda for the next few years while they work on their next project. So goodbye Bethesda, I’ll miss you like hell but when we meet again I know it’ll be an enjoyable adventure like it always is.







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