This week, we welcome our special guest Molly Carroll, Community Manager at Chucklefish, the folks behind Starbound.

What have you been playing? Molly has been playing Overwatch, leading Dean to once again confront his shortcomings. Molly’s also been hitting people in the face with rocks whilst wearing a pumpkin on her head in Rust. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, I guess. This sparks a discussion about player psychology, pyramid schemes, the difference between trolling and emergent play, and what happens when people become the systems. Molly has been playing lots of her own game, Starbound, leading to its launch. Dean has been playing a really cool arcadey twin stick shooter called Alienation. Susan admits to her Pokémon Go addiction (sure that was a surprise, right?), which leads to a group counselling session. Don’t worry Susan, we’ll get through this. Susan also gives us her Clannad update.

Dean talks a little about his trip to the seaside in Brighton for Develop where he saw Hideo Kojima, explored Chernobyl in VR and played a cool student game called The Wall Shall Stand.

Guest Spotlight We chat to Molly about Chucklefish, from their humble beginnings to their recent publishing efforts. She also tells us about her route into community management and what the role entails, as well as the many, many changes Starbound has gone through.

Theme of the Week This week our theme is exploration games, so we each give our favourites, including Majora’s Mask, Grow Home and Skyrim, and discover that Bethesda are kind of the masters of exploration. Dean discusses his sure fire method for sealing Oblivion gates.

Two Truths, One Lie It’s time for two truths one lie, where we put Molly’s lying skills to the test. But she’s a community manager, she doesn’t lie, surely? Also we talk about Pokémon Go again.

You can follow Molly on Twitter: @mnollygos, or find out more about Chucklefish (@chucklefishLTD) and Starbound (@starboundgame). Starbound has now launched version 1.0, check out their website and especially the very interesting dev blog.

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