E3 2016

The Ready Up Podcast – E3 2016


For this bonus episode, the team have a quick chat about E3 2016. Scott lends his expert knowledge, Susan wasn’t entirely present, Verity wonders if France has Pokémon and Kieran is probably the only one who doesn’t mind Watch Dogs 2.

Mass Effect Andromeda kicks off our EA highlights. Susan is disappointed at the inclusion of the Mako but interested in the idea of exploration. But is there anything to pull us back into the Mass Effect universe without our beloved Shepard? We liked seeing the montage of Star Wars developers from all over the world, and Scott sees EA Originals as EA’s attempt to show that they still have some heart, even if none of us can remember how to pronounce ‘Fe‘.

Over to Ubisoft, and Scott has killer beard envy, oh and For Honor was shown. Verity’s favourite moment of the show was the Watch Dogs fake out for South Park: Fractured But Whole, but Kieran doesn’t actually mind the prospect of Watch Dogs 2 (unlike everyone else). Trials: Blood Dragon is the sequel/mashup that nobody really asked for but it was presented with killer tracksuits, so…

On to Microsoft, and Verity is excited about the prospect of being a pirate in Sea of Thieves – it’s all she ever wanted! Scott talks at length about his thoughts on Project Scorpio.

Following the Sony conference, Kieran likens God of War to the ‘dadification of games‘. The team was suitably impressed by Horizons: Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human, and confused like everyone else by Death Stranding but there’s a lot in there, not just the Reedus Foetus! Then Sony ended with Days Gone, but we won’t say much about that.

Nintendo didn’t do a traditional presentation, or even a Direct, they did some Treehouse Live streams and oh boy did they show off some stuff. Resident Zelda expert Scott gushes over Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Pokémon Go is the closest we’ll ever come to real Pokémon, although Scott and Verity look forward to seeing nothing but Rattata in their village surroundings. Finally, Pokémon Sun and Moon brings us a shirtless professor and welcomes us to Hawaii.

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