This week, we welcome our special guest Peter Willington, Producer at Auroch Digital.

What have you been playing? Peter only really has time for mobile games these days, but gushes about the upcoming Dunkers by Colin Lane (out at the end of June). It’s not actually an endless action game with digestives to Dean’s disappointment, but is about basketball with crazy physics. Dean has successfully completed his first escape room at Cryptic Escape and intends to explore the thriving industry of them that currently exists in Norwich. Dean has also been playing through Stellaris, and carefully crafting a nightmare race of spiders. Meanwhile, Susan played through Spec Ops: The Line, and was somehow completely unaware of what that would involve, even though the game came out in 2012. To balance out the trauma, she’s also been chilling out with some Hungry Cat Picross, which leads to a discussion about the rise of mobile games.

Guest Spotlight Peter talks about Auroch Digital and all the various things he does as a Producer. Auroch Digital are involved in a number of interesting projects, including a few ‘game the news’ initiatives including Elections of US America Election: The Card Game (no, that’s not a typo), Peter also talks through his experience of being Editor at Appspy and Deputy Editor at Pocket Gamer, and reveals the secret to making the switch from games journalism to games production. As if that wasn’t enough, Peter also hosts the Staying In podcast, a show where friends get together to talk about the latest in geek culture.

Theme of the Week Auroch Digital don’t just produce games, they run games events, workshops and more, including curating and facilitating discussion panels and talks. In honour of this, we consider our dream speaker and dream topics. While Dean stands a chance at seeing Ian Bogost, author and video game designer, speak on video game theory, Susan and Peter make themselves sad by considering Satoru Iwata and Gunpei Yokoi

Two Truths, One Lie Peter spins a few yarns about crazy characters he has encountered, and a week where he didn’t see daylight, all because of video games.

You can follow Peter on Twitter. Find out more about Auroch Digital, or follow them @aurochdigital. The Staying In podcast is available on itunes and Stitcher.

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