Doom Classic

Let’s Play – DOOM Classic

In light of the surprising quality of the new DOOM (well, its single-player campaign, anyway), I decided to take a completely unscripted look back at the roots of the franchise by playing a couple of levels of DOOM, DOOM II, as well as the recent Brutal DOOM mod.

Join me as I attempt to remember where all the secrets are in E1M1, confuse Hexic with Hexen, highlight just how good the super shotgun feels and ramble about mechanical keyboards.

The video was captured in 60FPS, so be sure to set it to “720p60” or higher for the smoothest experience!

(By the way, here’s the adorable “Wake up, son! Good morning!” DOOM video I mention at 02:55!)

If you’re looking for a super-easy way to run DOOM on a modern machine at modern screen resolutions, the zDoom virtual VM is available here, while DOOM and DOOM II can be found on Steam!

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