Parallel timelines and fantastic goals! Hosts Dean Bowman and Susan Marmito are joined by Giles Armstrong, Lead Writer on The Descendant and former Ready Up team member.

What have you been playing? Giles tells us about the rig he’s rocking in Rocket League, and we quiz him about being a BAFTA henchman. Susan’s been seeing Stardew Valley behind Nintendo’s back, and she might be embracing the farming lifestyle a little bit too much! Dean’s been playing the trendy Salt and Sanctuary, but he’s horribly lost.

It’s the news! With the Game Developers’ Conference recently finished in San Francisco, we touch on the Playstation VR news, as well as rumours of a new PS4.5, the GDC awards, briefly take a moment to go off-topic and argue about True Detective season 2, then return to discuss some of Giles’s favourite dev talks.

Guest Spotlight We quiz Giles about his work as a writer and narrative designer including how he got into the industry and what it was like to work on his new game The Descendant with Gaming Corps.

Two Truths, One Lie It’s time for two truths one lie, but can Giles’ abilities as a professional liar give him the edge over the astute, highly trained minds of the hosts? Buckle up, it’s time to hear about Giles’s Lara Croft cosplay…

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