Well, Street Fighter V has arrived and for those who picked it up on launch day congratulations, you get to take part in the final beta. After another night of highs and lows with Capcom’s latest I feel the need to write this while I’m still in a seething rage. So, here we go. Let’s list what’s gone wrong.

Don’t make single player online dependant

After all the issues the various betas had with online connectivity you’d think Capcom would be smart enough to separate the single player content from anything regarding online; only they weren’t.

By playing through the single modes you earn fight money, which can be used to purchase items from the store. But only if you’re connected to the servers. If you’re not then you can still play the modes, but you earn nothing. Nada. Zilch. ZERO. Making it all a bit pointless. I have no idea why this is a thing.

Online quitters should automatically get the loss

A fairly obvious one you’d think. But at the moment my win/loss ratio is pretty awful. It would be better of course if the matches I won counted. Only they didn’t because my opponents quit just as I landed the winning blow. This one needs fixing as soon as possible.

Maybe put a tutorial in the game

When you first start SFV you are given a very short Ryu tutorial, which basically tells you how to move, use your V trigger and other basics. But it doesn’t really do a good job explaining them. For a start each V trigger action is unique per character, so unless you’re using Ryu then you’d have no idea how your character really works.

There is a Challenge Mode, which looks to provide players with all the knowledge they need for their chosen character, but that’s not out till the free March update. Which brings me onto…

Where have all the modes gone?

At the main menu you see a number of options, unfortunately clicking on some of them just pops up the message that it’ll be available in March. That’s right, a number of modes won’t be available till a month after release. Most hilariously one of these is the Store. So all that fight money you earn can’t even be used for anything at the minute. Great.

Selecting a character online

This is a bizarre one. At the main menu you can choose your favourite character, now I initially thought this just meant at the online character select it would automatically be highlighting your chosen character. Actually it just skips the character select altogether and goes straight into the match. Normally I play as my main Cammy, but occasionally I’d like to mix it up a little and choose, say, Ryu. Doing so would require me to change that at the main menu before going through the online search, it’s all a little backwards. This even happens in Casual Matches when you’d think that would be where the, well, casual Street Fighter players would hang out.

It further cements the idea that this is a game tailored to a hardcore audience with no ambition to grow the franchise outside its regular fanbase.

It’s not a “Story mode”, so don’t call it one

I was quite surprised when I saw Story Mode was selectable when I thought this was another thing that was being held back for a post release patch. Turns out calling what is here a “Story Mode” is insanely generous. They’re actually more like mini prologues. They last about ten minutes, only have a few fights in them with braindead AI and are full of awful looking comic book cut scenes.

So it’s not a Story Mode at all.


It’s so sad that SFV has had such an awful launch because the fighting is simply superb. Get some good online matches going and there is no fighter out there that’s on its level. Such a shame that Capcom have rushed it out the door and are potentially losing new customers. Baffling design decisions from top to bottom mar what should be the king’s glorious return. *shakes head*