Welcome to Game Buffs, Ready Up’s videogame reading group! Games Buffs doesn’t conform to your 9-5, work-a-day ‘monthly’ schedule. It laughs in the face of ‘regularity’ and ‘uniformity’. That’s why we promise that each episode of Game Buffs is guaranteed to be uploaded at wildly unpredictable times and featuring varying degrees of quality. As Sun Tzu famously said: “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.” Whatever that means!

This ‘month’ we babble on about another game that doesn’t conform to your puny expectations: The Beginner’s Guide by Davey Wreden (not Ray Reardon). Watch as we try to wrap our brains around what is going on in Davey Wreden’s mind (if that’s who he really is), and roll your eyes as Dean drops some obscure knowledge in the form of Argentinian proto-Sci Fi writer Jorges Luis Borges. The Beginner’s Guide is currently available on PC for £6.99

Next episode, in about a month’s time (ha!), will focus on Undertale by Toby Fox, so why not play along and join in the conversation via the comments section or on our Facebook page. Subscribe to our Youtube channel.