Wow. So as a lover of Terry Pratchett I was a little ashamed to know that Discworld board games were a thing and I didn’t know about them! :O  With the Discworld series now sadly at an end, what better way to feed your Pratchett appetite than with some Discworld themed games. Thankfully I have wonderful friends happy to step in with their copies.

As an introduction to Discworld board games, we tried The Witches, since they are some of my favourite characters from the books. IMG_1316

It’s quite a co-operative game, by which you can help out other players and in return have their help. Plus the winning aspect of it is definitely a group win rather than solo victory. So if you’re competitive and glory minded, then this is probably not the game for you.

As it’s the Witches, it’s your job to treat sickness, pregnancy, stop evil vampires, trolls and elves. The map is a replica of the region of Lacre, and each village area has a problem. Some problems are much worse and harder to tackle than others, and like in games like Magic, and munchkin, you can acquire cards to increase your abilities.

If you lose a turn, things can get pretty hairy pretty quickly, with pandemics spreading or trolls gaining more power…plus every time you use magic you gain a cackle IMG_1317counter, or if you roll cackle dice. You need to keep your cackle under control by having tea with another witch, which is just as charming as you’d expect from a Discworld game.

Overall I found this charming, quaint and adorable, and had a very fun evening playing. I can’t wait to try more in this series and will keep you posted on those!

Meanwhile, Happy Witching 🙂

-Auburn xx