Susan and Verity attended EGX 2015 to have a look at the games on offer, and offer their comments in a series of audio roundups.

Verity had a look at Elite: Dangerous, got involved in a fight and then very nearly flew off into open space.

The queue for The Division was incredibly long, around 3-4 hours a day but Verity was lucky enough to get in early. The demo took place in a quarantined zone, where all loot was contaminated so the extraction point where all the loot could be cleansed turned into a Hunger Games style free-for-all brawl. Also in The Division: glowing loot bags, shotgun-to-the-face finishers and a great need for teamwork.

Then there were more indie games! We did have fun with the indie games. Featuring: Poncho, Super Mixtape, Masquerada (which we mistakenly referred to as Masquerade in this video), Prison Architect and Steamworld Heist. This quirky selection of games featured poncho-wearing robots, jumping and flipping mixtapes, RPG action, prison setups complete with electric chairs and gun-toting robots with bowler hats.