Tony and Simon round off this season of The Ready Up Podcast in fine form! Mattresses feature heavily (and why not) but it’s fortunate that our last guest of the season, Jonny Cox, is here to bring things back to the level ground of a games related podcast – sort of!

This episode:

  • Simon decries the costs of the modern mattress
  • Tony is ‘the chair guy’ in his office
  • The glut of great games on the Horizon has made Jonny very happy, especially “No Man’s Sky”
  • Is VR ready for the world… is the world ready for VR?
  • Will Tony have a reason to blow off his Xbox One… blow the DUST off his Xbox One!! – with the upcoming releases?
  • Simon is working through Rogue Legacy on his Vita (everything else is in boxes!)
  • Great games don’t have to be perfect to be great. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t?
  • Jonny ‘invented’ a new game called Murderball – unfortunately someone else got there first:


    and if you check out the soundtrack to the movie, “Anyone Else But You” it contains the Konami code! You see, everything is related…

  • He is also playing the episodic time-travel game “Life is Strange”
  • Tony wonders if the recent Double Cash Heists in GTA-Online are significant – probably not!


“The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz” – it’s the series decider… who will be victorious?!

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