The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 15 – “Director mode!”

Simon is ‘the walking wounded’ at the moment having suffered a fracture to his ankle – well he says it’s a fracture but it’s more of a sprain really. Tony is full of sympathy of course and extends this in the usual way – he laughed out loud.

Our guest, ‘Young’ Scott Cameron was a little more sympathetic, not hard to achieve but he got there and he was wearing Mr Potato Head pajamas!


  • Scott enjoys various story twists in his games
  • Simon has been into Demon Souls and reckons it’s the most easily accessible of the series
  • Scott also likes Demon Souls and the Valley of Defilement – at least I think the two are related!?
  • GTA V for PC gets a good, solid airing and the team are all dizzy about it.
  • GTA V Director and Editor is a brilliant game add-on and Tony gets a little excited!

The Rockstar Editor and Director Mode in GTA-V

  • Simon got into Pillars of Eternity, an old-school RPG game born out of a Kickstarter project.
  • Do you game-stack? Scott has over 600 on Steam and has played 64.


“The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz” – it’s not about Crash Bandicoot you know!

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One response to “The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 15 – “Director mode!””

  1. Scott Cameron avatar
    Scott Cameron

    To everyone listening: oh my goodness, I was SO out of it when we recorded this! I’ve been in and out of hospitals all week. I can’t believe that the quiz took me so long and that I also talked about my pyjamas!

    So, apologies for any mumbled information! Here are some corrections/appendices:

    > As expected, GTA V’s Director Mode does let you record in GTA Online, as shown in the video above!

    > Shrine of Storms, the location of an early powerful weapon in Demon’s Souls, is actually 4-1, not 3-1.

    > While talking about Dark Souls’ game structure, I said “Super Metroid” about seven times when I just meant Metroid games in general.

    > My Steam stats (pulled from Steam Calculator):

    >> Worth: $7327 ($2166 with sales)

    >> Games owned: 620

    >> Games not played: 465 (75%)

    >> Hours on record:1,609.4h

    … Not as bad as I thought! And if you include games which I double-dipped on for previous console versions, or got free through Humble Bundles, it’s more understandable. 😉

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