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My DA: Inquisition DLC Wishlist

So like Fran and Susan, my Dragon Age: Inquisition adventure is over and now all I can do is sit rocking and weeping in a corner until some story-led DLC is released and I can get my next fix.

Bioware have already announced a ‘content pack’ DLC to tide fans over, if pimping out your throne and windows is where you get your kicks. However 90+ hours just wasn’t enough for me and I need more story, I need more locations, I need more quests, I NEED MORE!

So here’s my Dragon Age DLC wishlist that I managed to scrawl in a rare moment of post-game lucidity.

Sooo, nobody thought to mention this was round the corner?

1. More Dragons

The first time I stumbled across a Dragon (whilst I may add just happily strolling through a canyon – did nobody think to warn me?!) it was pretty damn thrilling. Quickly that was followed by feeling terrified and then very rapidly, toasty, toasty hot. It was a seriously tough fight, that I had to come back to a few times to get it done. Even in later levels, when wailing on dragons was my Inquisitor’s primary ‘biz-ness’, the battles still had an epic feel to them even if some of their moves felt a little repetitive. More dragons to slay please, Bioware. If they want to kick up their moves a bit too, I wouldn’t complain.

2. More Banter

There have been a lot of questions asked about whether the ‘banter bug’ actually exists as people are reporting varying amounts of party chatter when out in the field. However in my experience on the PS4 I did spend a lot of time running around the empty, endless Hissing Wastes in total and complete silence. I also took out a full mage party expecting some sparkling magical repartee and got diddly-squat for over an hour.
This is a real shame as most of the banter that I did encounter was golden, especially Iron Bull’s ‘Mayhem’ chat with Sera. So any DLC needs to make sure this problem is fixed pronto so that there is a little less action and a little more conversation, please… sorry.

3. More time with the Companions, period.

For me, Dragon Age has always been about the companions. The Companion quests, the party banter, our little chats (and maybe more) back at base. I love watching them change, especially on the Tarot Cards, and how they interact with each other. It’s what gives the game its soul and helps some of the gameplay, which let’s face it can be a bit like a glorified geo-caching simulator at times, feel less like a grind and become more an enjoyable hike out with some mates.
So more companion time and quests, please, and who knows may there’s even a space in the team for one more?

DA Inquisition Companions
The companions gather for some post-battle shawarma.

4. A real reason to use mounts

I really haven’t seen the point of mounts in game yet and honestly, I barely made use of them. Yes, the maps are epic and huge and I hope they continue to be so in any DLC but usually I find enough to keep me interested exploring on foot or by fast travel. I only really ever used a horse to ‘Skyrim’ my way up a particularly steep mountain side or reach a tricky shard piece.
Also, I didn’t really like the way they make my party disappear into a mystical black smoke whenever I mounted up especially as it cuts down on my already limited banter time. Perhaps we could have some more challenging mounted-quests?

5. A quest opportunity to make things right

Like Fran, I’m still not over the choice I made in the Fade, when faced with sacrificing either my old self in the form of my beardy-faced Hawke or Alistair, my first incarnation’s truest and deepest love.
It was an awful, agonising decision which was ultimately the painful result of string of terrible decisions I had made throughout the entire Dragon Age series. If I don’t get some kind of chance to set this right I swear I will be on the next flight to Canada with a pitchfork and torch, safely stowed in the overhead locker.

Right, back to that corner…



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