The void: an endless vacuum that seemingly stretches on beyond infinity. That’s what my life is like now, now that I have finally finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. I think that now it’s the game that I have played the longest, the in-game clock telling me that I have clocked well over one hundred hours of play. I thought that I had it bad after I finished Mass Effect 3, and then had to wait for the new ending that fixed the earlier borking by BioWare… and then the Citadel DLC that let me say my final goodbyes. Now I look back at that time with fond memory.

BioWare, the bastards, seem to have actually learned from previous mistakes. The decisions that you had to make in DA:I really ripped me in two (as I explained in my Game of 2014 nomination), and the ending was really satisfying, but laid in details of exciting DLC to come. I am playing that DLC, so much so that I was all set to buy the Season Pass, something that I have really never done before, but BioWare said that there was no season pass, because they would release the DLC when it was ready and based on the reaction of the players. Damn you for listening, now I have to wait even longer, and the anticipation is even greater because the chances are it will actually be awesome (although I do have to say now, if there is no DLC that lets me go back into the fade and rescue my Hawke from the second Dragon Age, after I left her so that I could save Alistair, it will be my life’s mission to grow my hair so I look just like the Inquisitor in my game, head to the BioWare offices and threaten the production team with the real life Bianca crossbow replica that I will make until that DLC comes).


So yes… I had a lot of fun playing DA:I. So much so that I completed as many side quests as I could before fighting Corypheous just so that I could make the game last as long as possible. The game cost me forty quid, and it lasted for 100 hours. I love the game so much, that I am tempted to buy it again on my new Limited Edition 20th Anniversary PS4 after having completed it on Xbox 360, just so that I can relive the experience in higher definition.

There’s also another problem. Where do I go from here? The next fantasy epic that seems to be looming on the horizon is the new Zelda game on the Wii U (or ‘Zelda Scrolls’ as I have taken to calling it). There has been no mention of a Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect 4 is probably years away and now I have just remembered that I am still annoyed that Kingdoms of Amalur is dead, deadest of the dead, hung, drawn and quartered dead…

I may have to resort to MMORPGing it on Elder Scrolls Online as soon as it becomes released on PS4 (or works on a low enough specced PC that I can play it on my work laptop, although my memories of Morrowind literally melting the motherboard on my old PC have made me a little gun-shy). I am rewatching Game of Thrones, buying Daenerys dresses, growing my hair so I can shave it on one side to match my Inquisitor’s haircut and it’s still not enough. If you see a girl with platinum dyed hair, with elf ears (thank you Nerd Block) and leather battle-mage armour holding a green LED in her right hand like she’s closing a fade rift in the middle of the street, you will know that my impatience has overpowered my sanity and I’m writing the next chapter of the game in my own head, reality be damned. Be damned I tell thee!


I hope that the success of the game for EA and BioWare makes other people in the industry realize that a masterpiece schematic of a gauntlet has been thrown down, and rise to meet the challenge by creating games that equal what DA:I has done. Until then, I am feverishly working on a real life stasis chamber so I don’t have to wait for a new slice of fantastic fantasy to experience through my joypad.