Dixit is a curious little whimsy of a game, one that relies heavily on your imagination, your creativity and to a degree your ability to read/understand your fellow players.

Also, it has little Bunny Meeples/Meeple Bunnies (Beeples? Meepies?) that you use to keep score on a track inside the box. It looks like your little bunnies are hopping on stones around a pond!


Everyone is dealt a number of cards. The cards in Dixit all have weird and wonderful illustrations on them, all rather dreamlike or surreal in nature. Each round, a ‘storyteller’ comes up with a sentence, a quote, a snippet of a song etc that describes a card. Everyone then submits something that they feel is appropriate. In the end, every player has submitted a card, they’re flipped over, the sentence is recapped and then everyone tries to guess which card belongs to the round’s storyteller.

In an ideal scenario, the ‘sentence’ should be descriptive enough that one or two people can get it, but obscure enough that not the entire group can get it. The scoring system means that if nobody in the whole group finds your card if you are the storyteller, then you don’t score any points. The best way to gain points is to find a middle ground.


It’s difficult to do though, and if you play with different people everyone’s methods of thinking become very apparent. It’s a really interesting game to play because most of the fun lies in seeing what people make of a sentence or how they interpret it. Those who are more literal-minded might find it difficult to score any points, whereas those who are too obscure will also be in the same boat. A lovely little game, quite quick to play and with expansion packs which add many more cards to let your imagination run wild.

Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira
Publisher: Asmodee
Mechanic: Voting
Number of Players: 2-5 (best with 4+)
Length of Game: 30 minutes
Complexity: Easy