The story with the hidden pod-racing game!

Less Journey more misdirection
Less Journey more misdirection

“Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace” – let’s be honest it’s not a title that’s going to inspire you to jump onto the App Store and shell out a few of your hard-earned pounds now is it?

I certainly wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for an article I saw extolling the virtues of the Pod-Racing game that’s hidden inside!

Journeys takes you through the story of The Phantom Menace in a decent enough tappity-tap-tap moving the iPad around like a chump kind of way and as a result of the tapping and moving you’re awarded story points (SP) which you can then use… in the ‘proper’ part of the app, the pod-racing game, to buy upgrades and stuff.

I’m not going to lie to you, I did a bunch of racing first and then went through the story in about three minutes just to get the points but what I did see was actually pretty well done and gave at least a flavour of the movie (some would say that’s more than enough of this title anyway!).

The racing gives you boost which you have to manage, damage which you can fix or which regenerates over time and variation in speed, stability, strength etc depending upon which pod-racer you choose. As a happy little time waster with a solid flavour of the best bit of Episode 1, I actually really rather enjoyed this! Is it worth the £5.99 I paid for it… well in relative terms that’s a for-nothing price as there’s no in-app purchases here, but for a mobile game it’s perhaps a touch on the pricy side.




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