Stumped – Here We Go Again

Hiya guys. You ready for some more Stumped goodness, filled with bite size mobile gaming sparkles of delight? Of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog.

Ok, let’s get started!

World Of Thingies: Puzzle

With the combination of cute monster looking thingies, with a dash of violence and puzzle magic, World of Thingies (WOT for short) is one of those games where you’re not too sure what to expect, but it makes you say “ah, ok”. WOT is a match 3 puzzle game, which you can connect with your Facebook account, to play with your friends or other random people. Each match lasts 45 seconds, at the end of which you get to see your Thingies beat the living shit out of your opponent’s Thingies. Should you have been lucky enough to get a higher score than your rival, you will see your Thingies emerge victorious. As you play you get to rescue Thingies, each with their own unique skill or special power which you can use during each match. But that’s not where your interaction stops with the Thingies, oh no. You get to actually look after these half-pet, half-toy creations.

photo 2

Two Dots

Do you remember my review of Dots not too long ago? Well say hello to its successor, Two Dots *waves*. As the titles suggest, this game is all about connecting two (or more) of the same colour dots in order to complete certain objectives. The first few levels limit you to only connecting dots vertically or horizontally, but as the game progresses, you can make the squares we all know and love. When you look at how the Dots franchise has developed, you can appreciate the subtle changes they have included, such as having lives. So far there are 85 levels to keep you entertained, but with indications of more to come, I’m excited to see what else Two Dots has to offer.

photo 4


Folt is another game that’s taken on a new approach to the whole matching puzzle scene. With Folt, it’s all about flipping and matching coloured tiles around a blank grid. But hey, why read what I have to say about the game, when you could check out the vide I made with the help from my beautiful assistant Sebby?


And there you have it. Make sure you check out these little beauties and let me know what you think. Until next time, keep on puzzlin’!



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