QuadBox – Post Game Jam


Once Game Jam finished we found ourselves in a bit of a flurry. Partially because we spent the next day and a half (roughly) sleeping. We all wanted to continue with developing the game and release it but weren’t too sure how to step forward with it. We were lucky to find out about the IDGA Glasgow Play Party and thought it would be a perfect place to do some further playtesting!

Some quick tweaks were made before then. Some changes to the movement speed, a new instructions menu and balancing the score mechanics. There were two events that week that QuadBox could be taken to, one that Drew attended himself and then the Play Party which we all attended. The feedback we received was awesome.

At the first event a number of people played the game and said they loved the concept – it was something they would keep playing because they knew they could beat their scores, the competition created amongst friends to last longer than each other and wanting to know how the game evolved the longer they lasted. People were wanting to know if it would be ported to iOS, Windows and more. We were overwhelmed with feedback and knew that we had to keep working on it. Some people had great suggestions to keep improving it.

Not everything is as simple as putting a game together and uploading it – there were a lot of legal points to consider.

The next event was the IGDA Play Party – we were all really looking forward to this. We were so busy during Game Jam with testing and constantly tweaking that we didn’t get much of an opportunity to play as many games compared to past years. There were some insane creations we wanted to try out. We had the game set up on two tablets and a phone to take around the venue and have people play. A few us went around with one tablet trading games and the rest took the other tablet to do the same, this was to maximise the amount of feedback possible from the event. Some people loved the concept and had a lot of questions about our future work. When we discussed our ideas there was plenty of help available and advice from folk which was invaluable, as first time app releasers we were utterly clueless until this point. Not everything is as simple as putting a game together and uploading it – there were a lot of legal points to consider. This support from the playtesters at the IGDA Play Party kept spurring us on as they all told us it had potential. One of the activities at the Play Party was giving tokens to the teams that created your favourite game; we received 5 tokens (some from figures we really look up to in IGDA, what an honour)! We were over the moon! We left with heads held high and a new fire of motivation to push the game forward and get it onto the Android store.

We all knew we had a really hard semester coming up and QuadBox would have to take a break from development, but we managed to take the feedback from both events and create a priority list of features and changes. This included creating our own font, music, brand new instructions screen (try to create one without using any text at all) and reducing the time until the screen rotates. We also still wanted to opt for social media integration in order to fuel the competition. If there’s any fights out there, don’t blame us!

The approach to the development of QuadBox has been a huge learning curve for all of us in the team. We value the feedback from players so much and the game has revolved around what people like about it and what they want to see in it. The game is almost complete, we’re getting close. Not long until Sphere Squared can begin the road to world domination.



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