Stumped – Ninjas, Charades and Gangsta Birds

And hello my lovelies! It is time for another Stumped, a journey through my apparent obsession of mobile gaming. So this month it’s been a mixed bag of random stuff. I got to dabble in tapping birds, building a trained killers posse and being baffled by crazy descriptions.

King Bachy Bird

A play on good ol’ Flappy Bird, King Bachy Bird has taken American comedian Andrew ‘KingBach’ Bachelor’s head and stuck it on, what looks like, a toucan’s body. The aim is for you to fly past as many women’s legs as you can before you fly into them. The game’s main appeal is the character. If you’re aware of who KingBach is before you download it:

  1. Why didn’t you tell me about the funny Vine and YouTube videos he’s done?
  2. If you’re yet to discover who KingBach is, you should check him out here. Oh but before you click on the link, I gotta warn you that the language used can be a little colourful at times.

As I didn’t know who KingBach was prior to writing this blog, the reason why I thought to give the game a go was purely because I spotted a guy’s head on top of a bird. What can I say, I’m easily captivated.

photo 3

Clumsy Ninja

As the title suggests, the game is all about a Clumsy Ninja, who you have to help train. After his friend is kidnapped, it’s up to you to go and find her. Since Clumsy Ninja’s skills are, well, lacking, you get to use an array of items to help level him up. Items such as trampolines, punching bags and balloons will turn your fumbling ninja into something more kick ass. The game requires you to interact with CL by picking him up, directing him to certain points along the level and performing more “complex” moves such as jumping and fighting. How CL responds to your touch commands is really cool. The game didn’t lag and whilst it appears simply made, it did keep me entertained.

photo 1

Heads Up!

Or as I’ve described it to my willing assistant, charades on your forehead. And to those who are unsure what I mean, you hold your phone to your forehead while it flashes words, phrases and titles. The persons/people you’re playing with then have to give you clues until you guess the word correctly. Heads up is the first party game I’ve tried on my iPhone and it’s actually pretty sweet, I cannot deny. The various topics are available for free or for 69p each, are what makes this game. But what I also like, is that it gives you the chance to record the person who is giving you the clues. Heck why am I even trying to explain this. Let me share with you a video of me and my handsome assistant, Seb, having a go. A Heads Up! bonus point for anyone who can guess what his accent is!


And that it is from me. Hope you enjoyed my mobile gaming injection. Until the next blog, keep on puzzlin’



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