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Watashi no lovelies kon’nichiwa or for my non-Japanese speaking stumpers, hello my lovelies. I do hope that does say ‘hello my lovelies’ in Japanese, and not something random like Gorilla suckles rainbows. I mean that’s what Google translate told me so I assume it’s right… anyway I digress. Welcome one and all for more puzzle stuff. As you have been following Stumped since day dot, you’ll note that the puzzle games I’ve reviewed as of late, are a little more of the broader spectrum of what puzzle is. So less of the ‘typical’ brain number/pattern bashers, but just anything which keeps the ol’ grey matter from ticking. And dare I say that this particular blog is no different.

So this month what have I been playing to keep my brain alive and not dying from the mundane everyday blah? Let’s have a look!

Fast Labyrinth

Ok, I’m going to start with a game I actually found very frustrating. Not because the game was super difficult… well… I guess it can be said that I found it difficult, but that wasn’t it. *Hump* let me explain. Now this game is basically a marble moving game. When I first saw this game, it reminded me of those small plastic games I used to get when I was just an ickle pickle and I would try my hardest to roll the metal ball into the hole, which was always placed in the centre of the puzzle. Anyway, I thought yeah, let’s give this game a shot as it’s a reinvention of my gaming past. So as I sit there, tilting my phone from side to side, this buggering ball is going around the puzzle like it’s had an injection of speed. I barely move my phone, no scratch that, I barely move myself but the ball just flies around and around the maze and it is that which makes it very infuriating. So far, I’ve only managed to complete one of the levels available, which if I’m honest, is one level too much.

photo 3


Cast your mind back to March, where I spent the whole of my blog gushing over the game Threes. Remember that? Course you do. Now, in the same vein as Threes, what I’ve been playing is 2048. The aim of the game is to get to the grand figure of 2048 by pairing together numbers. You have to move the numbers by swiping the grid in various directions. Each time you swipe, the numbers will move to the other end of the grid until it hits another number or the grids edge. Whilst this is one of the few differences you find between 2048 and THREES, I actually prefer 2048. 2048 feels more fluid with the gameplay and the additional plus is that the game is free, and who doesn’t like free stuff!

photo 1

Disco Zoo

Yes, there is a game called Disco Zoo which is the main and only reason I decided to give this game a shot. But oddly enough, the game is actually alright. You have an empty zoo which you fill up with animals you rescue from different locations. With each rescue, you are shown a silhouette of the animal you then have to find in a 5×5. Once found, you can then take the animal back to your zoo, where an enclosure is built and those who visit the zoo give you money, because your zoo is super awesome. The more further afield you go to find animals, the more exotic and rare they are. The other day I found myself a unicorn. I know a unicorn is neither a rare nor exotic animal, but damit man, it’s a frickin’ unicorn! Your animals also make your zoo money too but the only pesky draw back is that you can only make money from your zoo when the animals are awake. But remember, this game is called Disco Zoo and what do you do to keep your animals awake and boogie-licious? That’s right, you throw a disco. When the disco starts, a disco ball comes down and everyone gets to throw some mad shapes, whilst your animals make you double the money.

photo 2

And there we go. All the lovely games that have dazzled and kept me sane over the past three days. Make sure you check them out and let me know what you think. Until next time, keep on puzzlin’!



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